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My favourite shows to binge-watch with a lot of seasons.

I've watched a lot of TV. Good, bad and everything in between. I've seen a lot of recommendation lists recently, which led me to realise that most of my favourite shows are underrated and under-recommended. I've compiled a list of some of the best TV shows with multiple seasons for you to binge-watch. All except two have finished airing and I've broken it down into different categories.


Friday Night Lights

Number of seasons: 5

Who to watch with: People you don’t mind crying in front of.

Notable episode: The Son. Zach Gilford is spectacular in this episode. Be warned; it is a difficult one to watch.

Friday Night Lights is the best TV show of all time. I said it and I stand by it. It’s a beautiful show that will make you feel every emotion, football fan or not. Each cast member is perfect and most of them are super attractive (excluding the inexplicable choice for Gracie Belle Taylor). Come for Coach and Mrs Coach, stay for the wedding dress with fairy wings, ignore the murder storyline. If you’re looking for a show to really get invested in and only watch one from this list, Friday Night Lights is my top pick.


Number of seasons: 7

Who’s it for: People who love mystery and have strong stomachs.

Favourite characters: Huck, Mellie, Sally Langston.

I’m amazed that a lot of people haven’t watched Scandal. I got into it when 3 seasons had already aired and binge watched them all in about 2 months. This show will take you on a wild ride. You don’t have to have an interest in politics, but you will begin to suspect how much you see could be taking place in real life. Scandal has a lot of graphic violence and sex and more plot twists than I can count. Don’t watch this if you have a heart condition please. There is so much going on with this show, it’s another one to watch if you want something to really get stuck into. Feel free to report back on who you think is the most evil character!

Note: I was not happy with how it ultimately ended.


The Mindy Project

Number of seasons: 6

Who’s it for: Anyone who has been on a few interesting dates.

Random episode recommendation: Halloween, Hooking Up Is Hard, Wiener Night, Sk8r Man, Christmas Party Sex Trap

You knew this would be on the list, right? The Mindy Project is a funny, bizarre, endearing show with some of the best fashion on TV since Gossip Girl. Set in an OB/GYN practice in New York, the ridiculousness increases as the seasons progress. The fringe characters are as interesting as the main storylines so tune in if you want to see Chris Messina’s excellent dancing, Maria Menounos dating the world’s worst/best midwife and Garret Dillahunt dressed in the above cowboy outfit. There are a LOT of amazing guest stars.


Number of seasons: 3

Who’s it for: Anyone who has moved to a new town.

Look out for: Jeremy Sisto and Alicia Silverstone reunited.

This one only has three seasons but I’m still including it because it’s great. It is an odd show for sure but it has a great cast and the cutest dog of any show; Yakult. Cheryl Hines is by far my favourite thing about Suburgatory, her insane outifts make it worth watching alone. But if that’s not enough, Dalia’s music video should convince you.


The Amazing Race

Number of seasons: 31 and counting

Who’s it for: People who love travel and have a competitive streak.

Who to watch with: Anyone; its family friendly. I recommend watching with your future Race partner and strategizing.

It’s no secret that I love The Amazing Race. When a new season is on, I tend to get a little obsessed. Where are they going next? Which detour is easier? Who will make a stupid mistake? Does Phil need Lasik? Who would make the ideal race partner? Why did I not check if the Holmenkollen zip line was open before I went to Oslo?

This show has been on the air since 2001 following the same basic format: teams of two with pre-existing relationships compete in all manner of crazy tasks and travel around the world. The grand prize is $1,000,000 and there are additional leg prizes (travel, cars, cash) along the way. I will admit that I haven’t loved the seasons that have exclusively included teams from other reality shows, but Season 29 (contestants were strangers and met at the starting line) was one of my favourites.

Phil keeps me hooked and I can’t wait for the new season to start.

Bets to place: which relationship will break down the fastest, who will cry when they’re forced to face a phobia, where will the Travelocity Gnome appear next.

The Amazing Race Canada

Number of seasons: 7

I’m also recommending The Amazing Race Canada. The grand prize is much smaller and for most seasons they remain in Canada (which honestly just makes me want to visit Canada that much more) but the leg prizes are way better (gas for life, a year of business class flights), the teams tend to be more fun and you get the ever-adventurous Jon Montgomery giggling and jumping off of things.

Texas Flip N Move

Number of seasons: 13 and counting

Who's it for: Anybody interested in home design and house flipping.

Do you understand what Myers Jackson is saying: Amazingly, yes.

This is a home-renovation show with a difference and I love it! The houses are sold by auction to bidders who aren't allowed to look inside first, then moved to the renovation site and completely remodeled. That's right - the houses are moved. There are several teams of flippers (a lot of them are related) and they transform everything from traditional houses to grain silos to school buses into family homes and tiny retreats. The episodes usually include two teams working on different houses and end with another auction.



How many seasons: 6

Who’s it for: People interested in mythology, crime and relationships.

How many Wesen are roaming the streets of Portland: Thousands.

This is a little different from my usual tastes but I watched a few episodes by chance and ended up really enjoying it. If you can get past the CGI, Grimm is a fun show with an interesting take on the real monster inside. The cast is likable and engaging, the plotlines put an interesting spin on historical events and Sasha Roiz is shirtless in a lot of episodes. #shirtlessrage. Grimm is billed as horror, but aside from a few episodes here and there, it’s not super scary. The final season suffered as the show was cancelled and the run was cut from 22 to 13 episodes but most fans don’t seem too bothered.

Happy watching - comment your favourite shows below!

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